What is SmartMYSQL?

Database Server Utilization Reports

SmartMySQL is providing built-in database reports, which are the well-formatted result of DB servers' Disk, CPU, RAM utilization and contains useful data for decision-making and analysis. SmartMySQL tools include built-in reports; this is simply a front-end interface that calls or runs back-end database queries that are formatted for easy understand your Database usage

  1. RAM Utilization Reports
  2. Disk Utilization Reports
  3. CPU Utilization Reports
  4. File IO Utilization Reports
  5. SQL Commands Utilization Reports
  6. Miscellaneous Reports

RAM Utilization Reports

RAM Reports shows detailed reports about DB server RAM details. Also, it can calculate RAM allocation based on your DB server configurations variables. 

  1. RAM Configuration Report
  2. RAM Usage Report from the Performance Schema
  3. RAM Allocation by Client’s Host
  4. RAM Allocation by Thread
  5. RAM Allocation by User
  6. RAM Allocation Details
  7. Total RAM Allocation
  8. Schema Wise InnoDB Bugger Usage Report

Disk Utilization Reports

Disk utilization  reports give details about size of each database, Table, Index  details with rich graphs. It is easy to identify Big size tables which are occupied huge size in the storage.  The following reports are available 

  1. Database disk Utilization Reports
  2. Table disk Utilization Reports
  3. Engine Wise disk Utilization Reports
  4. Data Fragmentation Reports

Indexes Utilization Reports

Index Reports provide details about all index, Foreign key, duplicate index and unused index details which are very useful for database administrator and developers. You can drop unused and duplicate indexes, results to be save storage and improve performance.  


  1. Duplicate Index Report
  2. Unused Index Report
  3. Index Summary Reports
  4. Missing Foreign Key Between Tables Reports
  5. Index Details Summary Reports

File IO Utilization Reports

It has the following  details under File IO Report section.

  1. Table Wise File IO
  2. Table Wise File IO Latency
  3. Thread Wise IO Latency
  4. User Wise IO Latency
  5. Event Wise IO Latency by Byte
  6. Event Wise IO Latency

SQL Commands Utilization Reports

These reports are very useful reports provide details about SQL Statements utilization. It is easy to identify which SQL Queries are taking more resources consumption, executing with high frequency, doing Full table scan, and creating Temp tables. 


  1. SQL Command History
  2. Full Table Scan Queries
  3. File Sorting Queries
  4. Temp Table Creating Queries
  5.  SQL 95 percentail Queries statistics

Miscellaneous Reports

It has the following reports under Miscellaneous Reports

  1. Event Summary Reports
  2. SQL Optimizer Reports

What is SmartMYSQL?

SmartMySQL is a next-generation GUI tool for the RDBMS MySQL. It  has unique advanced features help to Speed up SQL and PL/SQL development time, Optimize slow query and recommends optimal indexes and Debugs Production MySQL problems and provides fixes.

you can download smartmysql from download link

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