Query Optimization at your Finger Tips

Users of Smart MySQL just have to enter their slow query and click on the query analyzer button. It will ensure the best indexes and provide query rewrite recommendations, which could consequently boost query performance more than 100 times and ensures it runs as fast as possible

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Smart MySQL Query Optimizer

Query Optimization is easy with automation, efficient with Smart Algorithm and simple at your fingertips with SmartMySQL. Many customers have been using optimizing queries and have experienced significant improvement in MySQL performance


Speed up more than 100 Times

Smart Query Optimizer induces optimal indexes for slow queries and speeds up the whole process more than 100x.


Efficient Algorithm

takes dozens of facts under consideration to recommend the optimal indexes for your query. 


Detailed Statistics

It provides detailed query performance improvement statistics before and after query optimization with latency time and no.of scanning rows cutting down.

Minimize Indexes Space 

Example if any column is varchar(255) and it is UTF8 Character set then if you create an index, it occupied 768 bytes space for every entry. SmartMySQL detects and trims the index when it needed.

 Works well for Full-Text Indexes and Spatial Indexes

Index rules will change for full-text search and Spatial datatype search. SmartMySQL Algorithm has well tested and worked well for creating Full-text indexes and spatial indexes.

Well Tested with Table Partitions

If you create Partitions tables and if you need partitions benefits, then you need few changes according to partition key column in query and index. SmartMySQL can take care of all these things.

Working well with JSON Datatype

JSON is a new datatype and useful for saving NoSQL data in JSON format. If you Query using JOIN, then SmartMySQL can recognize it and Optimizer those Queries.

Applications Devlopers've designed new tables and indexes in many projects due to DB experts unavailability. Often due to a lack of indexes, queries that were extremely fast when database tables have only ten thousand rows will become quite slow when the tables have millions of rows. SmartMySQL is the best tool for them to avoid such a problem. It can alerts if you write such queries and it can recommend best indexes for your queries. SmartMySQL is easy and comfortable with automation and not needed any special skills to Optimize your SQL code. 

Slow Query log Analyzer

Summarizes and optimizes Slow Query Log Files multiple queries at once. This includes information about queries that take a longer time to process.


Optimize Multiple Queries at Once

optimize queries directly from MySQL's slow log file, while also retrieving best indexes for multiple queries at once. 


Rich GUI Dashbords

SmartMySQL rich UI makes SmartMySQL do all the jobs for you so you could gain improve your performance.


Query Ratting   

Queries are grouped by digest and reported in descending order of query time with query ratting


Not need Special Skills

It is useful who are running MySQL servers with out MySQL performance engineers and DBA.

Creating Optimal indexes are the foundation to boost your DB performance.

The whole point of having an best index is to speed up search queries by essentially cutting down the number of records/rows in a table that need to be examined but Indexing strategy is complex and it depends on many factors, Many Data base administrators and developers couldn’t find-out best indexes for their queries because of its complexity. Creating wrong indexes can cause DB performance degradation


Why SmartMySQL Query Optimizer?

It is the best DB tool for Programmers, DBAs and Architects


Programmers & Developers

The programmer needs to optimizer queries before adding them in their application code. It helps to fix issues before triggering in production.


Database Administrators 

If Core DBAs can fix Query Optimization can save DB server outages and speed up DB servers.


NOC Team who monitor server 24/7 

SmartMySQL Optimizer is simple and easy use by NOC team and fixes DB real production issues when it triggers in Production.


If your Database not Designed by DB Architect

Due to MySQL database architect shortage in many organizations, tables and indexes are created by application developers or programmers. Due to index complexity, developers can't spend more time to learn DB performance tuning, and they integrate queries without adding indexes which will be cause DB outage when the table grows millions of rows with high traffic.


If your Production DB Servers are not Monitoring by 24/7 MySQL DBA Team 

MySQL is the most popular open source, and it is used by 9 out of 10 websites. Thus, hiring a MySQL expert engineer is very difficult and expensive because of the high demand. However, do not panic or give up on MySQL just yet. All you have to do is say a big hello and invite Smart MySQL into your systems. (Ensure to grant it permanent visa card because it’s going to bring you a lot of smiles by helping you run all primary MySQL functions with so much ease).


If you are Struggling to solve MySQL Performance Isues 

If your MySQL DBA unable to fix performance issues on time and it is causing adverse remarks from your clients then SmartMySQL is the best solution for your DBA team. It faster and efficient to optimizer queries recommends the best indexes for your slow queries. Also, It recommends the best server configurations and solves real MySQL production issues at production


If SQL Queries are Adding into the Application Code without Reviewed by DB Experts. 

Due to indexes complexity, there are high chances to create wrong indexes by the programmer for there's SQL code. SmartMySQL can help them, and it can alert them if they write slow SQL queries and they can create best indexes for the query. Many clients are using it and gained SQL query performance more than 100 times.


If your Organization doesn't have MySQL Performance Engineer 

SmartMySQL automated all work which is usually done by DB performance tuning engineers. You no need to worry if you don't have DB performance engineer. All you have to do is say a big hello and invite Smart MySQL into your systems. (Ensure to grant it permanent visa card because it’s going to bring you a lot of smiles by helping you run all primary MySQL functions with so much ease). 


If your MySQL Server Slow Down Frequently at your Peak Business Hours

Among the many things that can cause a “server stall” are long-running queries on processlist. If queries remain running for a very long time, then other queries could block and fail with a High CPU and RAM usage. .If your MySQL server facing the same issue frequently then SmartMySQL the best tool for you. SmartMySQL fixes all slow queries. Also, it can fix long-running transactions, DeadLocks, Replication lagging and many more.  


If your Engineers Creating Indexes With Their Own Rules Which are not Helping

Whave noticed in many organizations programmers are creating individual indexes with some wrong assumptions. Some of them create individual indexes for all columns which are in WHERE clause, some of them creating composite indexes on all where clauses columns in the same order and most of them don't know indexing rules for GROUP BY or ORDER BY clause for avoiding expensive file sorting and temp table creation. These are critical approaches and creating wrong indexes causes performance degradation. SmartMySQL must need if your engineers.


If you want to Boost your DB server performance and  Save Time & Money. 

SmartMySQL is easy to use with automation, and all programmers, DBAs and Architects can use it without need any special skills. It can complete faster, efficient and cheaper than manual work.


If you Want to Run your DB Server Better Performance then Current.

It is simple. Just enable slow query log and update that logs to smartMySQL's slow query log analyzer, and it can give recommendations which can boost more than 100X performance. If you do this frequently, then your DB server can provide the best performance.


$ 0 per first 10 credits (no need credit card details)
  • 30 credits free for 1st month
  • 1 time full usage for Slow Query Log Analyzer
  • 1 time full usage for Debugger
  • not familiar with web development


$ 29 per month (yearly billing)
  • 10 credits for evey month
  • 1 time full usage for Slow Query Log Analyzer for evey month
  • 1 time full usage for Debugger for every month
  • Advance query browser


$ 99 per month (yearly billing)
  • 50 credits for evey month
  • 1 time full usage for Slow Query Log Analyzer for evey month
  • 1 time full usage for Debugger for every month
  • Advance query browser


$ 149 per server per month (yearly billing)
  • unlimitd credits for evey month
  • unlimited usage for slwo query log analyzer
  • unlimited usage Debugger
  • Advance query browser

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SmartMySQL Database Experts Company is a Leading Provider of imPartial open source Database Solutions that allow organizations to Quickly, securely, and affordably maintain Business agility, minimize risks, Cost, and stay competitive.

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